Horsepower vs. Torque: Know the Difference! 

What Is the Difference Between Horsepower and Torque? 

When you press the accelerator, horsepower and torque are produced by the engine. Everyone knows that these are the top two performance metrics of any car. When buying a new car, it’s advisable to check what’s under the hood. Understanding the differences between torque and horsepower is helpful for making the final buying decision. At Auto Sales & Service in Indianapolis, IN, we tell you what is the difference between horsepower and torque.  

What Is Horsepower? 

Horsepower is the maximum power that is available in the vehicle. Thus, the higher the horsepower, the more power is sent to the wheels, and the faster you will go. Accordingly, some sports cars come with high horsepower.  

What is Torque? 

Torque is the measure of the turning force. When we consider the vehicle, it’s the measure of the force with which the engine will turn. Thus, if you’re looking for more towing power to haul cargo or a boat and camper on your next adventure, consider the torque of the vehicle you’re buying. Torque is measured in lb.-ft.   

Engine Horsepower

How Do Horsepower and Torque Differ? 

You can consider both terminologies to be two sides of the same coin. While torque is the force, horsepower is the rate at which the force is being done. If you’re looking for more speed, opt for a car that pushes out more horsepower. Of course, high-horsepower cars are more stylish, expensive, and fun to drive. On the other hand, modest horsepower ratings make the vehicles affordable, fuel-efficient, and safe. Compact, small, and midsize vehicles don’t need much horsepower.  

Meanwhile, high torque is easier to drive on steep inclines and comparatively efficient for hauling heavy loads. If your car has a low-end torque, it gives you access to more engine power in lower gears. This will lead to a relaxed driving experience.  

If you’re interested in learning more about these concepts, swing by Auto Sales & Service in Indianapolis, IN. Our service representatives are adept at explaining these aspects of the vehicle. You can schedule a service appointment if you want to service your car in Avon, Danville, Greenwood, and Plainfield areas.   

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