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Dog on the driver seat

Going on a Road Trip with Your Furry Friend: Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Ride  

Going on a Road Trip with Your Furry Friend: Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Ride  

Hey there, pet lovers! Traveling with your furry friend at our auto dealership can be an exciting adventure. However, ensuring your dog is safe and comfortable during the journey is essential. In this blog by Auto Sales & Services, we will discuss some tips for traveling with dogs to make your next road trip successful.

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Close up of a tire

Video of Temporary Tire Patching Methods

How to Patch Your Car Tire Temporarily? 

Do you find yourself stranded on the road due to a tire issue that needs immediate redressal? You might be tempted to call a towing service or a garage to get help. But what if there’s no service center nearby and your cell reception is too poor to make a call? You’ll have no option but to be your own savior. Watch this video in this blog post by Auto Sales and Service in Indianapolis, IN, to learn how to patch your car tire temporarily and get yourself out of the precarious situation.  

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Vehicle oil filter

Watch Video: Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Filter

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Filter? 

The fuel filters in your car are simple to overlook, but doing so could lead to problems. Read the following to safeguard your gasoline delivery system and keep your trip comfortable. Most cars have two gasoline filters. There is a filter in the gasoline tank and a second one in the main fuel line. Plastic or paper with a specific coating serves as the filter material. Fuel filters work without affecting fuel pressure to prevent debris, rust, scale, and other contaminants from getting into the fuel pump, fuel injectors, and engine. Read this post by Auto Sales & Service to understand the symptoms of a bad fuel filter. 

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A man fueling a car

Video: Learn to Increase Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage 

How to Improve the Fuel Economy of a Vehicle   

If you are looking for ways to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy, you are at the right place. Some basic maintenance techniques and driving habits can help you burn less fuel. Learn more about it from the video below. For more details, contact Auto Sales & Service dealership, our dealership in Indianapolis, IN.  

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Couples at a restaurant

Where to Get Tasty Vegan Food in Indianapolis?

Top Vegan Restaurants Around Indianapolis  

Finding vegetarian or vegan food options can occasionally be challenging. Thankfully, Indianapolis offers several options for those who follow a plant-based diet. Vegetables and fruits are the major stars of many vegan-friendly restaurants in this thriving city, not just an afterthought. Additionally, many of Indianapolis’ top vegan eateries are gluten-free and provide a variety of animal substitutes, like jackfruit, soy, and tofu, as well as clever and nutritional alternatives. There should be a fantastic cruelty-free dining option close to you, wherever you are in the city. Continue reading this blog by the Auto Sales & Service dealership in Indianapolis, IN, to discover the top vegan restaurants around Indianapolis.  

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One car mechanic is working on a car brake

How to Maintain Your Car Brake System

Essential Car Brake System Maintenance Tips

The braking system of a car is an essential safety item. Daily and aggressive use of the brake pedals may gradually slow down your vehicle’s wheels. As a proud car owner, safety should always be your utmost priority, and well-maintained brakes should be at the forefront of your mind. Continue reading this blog by the Auto Sales & Service dealership in Indianapolis, IN, to learn how to maintain your car brake system.

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2021 Toyota Tundra Trail Edition

Know These Tips Before Going On An Off-Road Trip

What are the Tips to Follow for an Off-Road Adventure?

Off-road adventures are fun ways to kill time. If you have a capable and spacious vehicle, it is easy to accommodate more people and luggage and just head out. However, being mindful of certain things will help you adapt and complete the trip safely. What are these tips? How will you ensure that your adventure will be fun-filled and safe? At Auto Sales & Service in Indianapolis, IN, we have a list of pointers that you could use before heading out for an off-road adventure. Keep reading for more information.

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Vehicles at the auto repair shop

What is the “30-60-90 Service Plan”?

30/60/90 Maintenance Tasks for your vehicle  

The phrase “30-60-90 service plan” has probably come up before. Precisely what is the “factory scheduled maintenance plan”? Both terms refer to the automobile manufacturer’s auto maintenance schedule planned for your vehicle, and they essentially mean the same thing. It is clear why the software covers these three integers. Every 30,000 miles or so, there will be a maintenance checkup. Considering the possibility that their car appears to be functioning well, many people view this program as optional. But maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle in good long-term shape. As a result, you may wonder how effective the 30-60-90 maintenance plan is and what services it might cover now that you know it. Keep reading this blog by Auto Sales & Service to learn more about the 30/60/90 maintenance plan for your vehicle.   

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Toyota EV charging

Video: How to Charge Your Electric Vehicle with the Toyota App?

Learn about charging your electric vehicle with the Toyota App!

For owners of select Toyota electrified vehicles, the Toyota app provides users access to ChargePoint’s network of over 30,000 charging locations. Watch the video and learn how to find a station, set up your wallet, register your account, and charge and pay. For more details about electric vehicles, contact our team at Auto Sales & Service in Indianapolis, IN.

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