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List of Top Three Steakhouses in Indianapolis, IN!

What are the Best Steakhouses in the Indianapolis, IN Area?  

It has been quite a long time since you had your last steak, and it is time for another- if this is what you are thinking right now, then we could not agree more. Just the thought of a juicy prime cut melting your mouth is enough to make you hungry. Therefore, we at Auto Sales & Service in Indianapolis, IN, have this list of the top three steakhouses in town. Give it a read!  

St. Elmo Steakhouse  

Do you want a ‘Ribeye’ or a ‘Fillet Mignon’? You can have both in this amazing restaurant. The staff here is super-friendly, and the ambiance is pretty classy. Not a bad place for a first date either. Plus, the place offers free Wi-Fi and also has a full bar, so make the most of it!  

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Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse  

This is another great option for all the steak-lovers in town. ‘Lobster Bisque Soup’, ‘Crab Cake’, ‘Caesar Salad’, and many other delectable food items are ready to be devoured by you. The steakhouse also has a television and free Wi-Fi, so it may be a great place to watch the Super Bowl with your friends!  

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Tony’s of Indianapolis  

If you are craving a ‘New York Strip’ or a ‘Chilean Sea Bass’, this is the place to be. They have an amazing selection of delicious food items that will make you hungry as soon as you check the menu. Furthermore, this restaurant also has live music and free Wi-Fi, so you can be sure that you and your friends will have a blast whenever you come here.  

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Well, there you have it! We hope that it was fun reading about the top three steakhouses in Indianapolis, IN. Now get into your car with your friends and family and visit one of these places for an amazing meal!  

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