Four Advantages To Buying Used vs New

Pocket Book Savings

As you’re watching television while resting after a hard day’s work, a new car advertisement flashes the screen and grabs your attention. While gazing into the abyss of endless rows of shiny new vehicles, one snatches your attention and you begin to ponder. Contemplating on what type of vehicle you should buy, the color you prefer, and what luxury features you desire, you begin to think about the finances and whether you should buy new or used. Admitting to yourself that new would be nice but not practical, the debate of the benefits of investing into used vehicles begins to play; so let’s saddle up and deliberate.

In the United States alone in 2018, there were roughly forty million sales on used vehicles; why do you think this is? Well, buying used vehicles saves you vast amounts of money and keeps your checkbook in your pocket. On average a pre owned vehicle is half the cost of a new one and you will be able to pay it off much sooner. How you ask, let’s break it down piece by piece.

Let’s say you purchased a brand new vehicle four years ago, and you still owe roughly $8,000 on your payments. You decide to trade it in for an upgrade as well as zero down payment because you have great car credit. So no down payment, still owe money, and now you are taking on a new payment. Now you have become upside down instead of ahead because the finance office will add the additional money you owe onto your new payments which will increase your monthly dues rather than lower.

By going to a used auto sales lot and purchasing pre owned vehicles, you save on payments and depreciation value. Once you drive a new car off the lot, it can depreciate by up to 11% by the time you get home. Buying used vehicles the bulk of the depreciation has already been dropped so your financing low cost cars already. Sometimes these used vehicles can increase in value if well taken care of and even had additional work done to them.

When buying used vehicles there are no extravagant hidden fees or costs to them. What you see is what you get outside of tax, title, and license. Some used car dealers require a doc fee but it will only be a few hundred dollars. New cars may seem wonderful at first, but once you notice all the extras that are needing to be paid out, your pocket book begins to weight a lot lighter.

Finally, there are lower customization costs when purchasing used vehicles compared to new. You can buy your own later at a lower price than if a dealership had to add onto a new car due to a package deal you ordered. This could save you thousands when adding in labor fees. Buying a pre owned car is a great investment when you put pen to paper and begin to realize how much money you could actually put back into your wallet.

What to Consider When Buying a Used SUV


When you think about your car buying options, you often want to consider what your financial situation is like. Your finances often determine just how much car you can afford, and you are not alone: the used vehicle sales across the nation have been rising for seven years in a row. Used car dealers are able to help you find a great car that will work well for you without putting pressure on your buying experience.

A used SUV can be great for your purchasing decision and can benefit you in many ways. Consider used car sales in your area to help you find the right vehicle for your needs. Here are some reasons why a used SUV can be right for you.

You Save Money

When you buy a car new, you invest money in the newness and popularity of the vehicle itself. This investment is not often given back to you, however, and can be a detriment in many ways if you cannot afford the payments or if you don’t plan on driving the same vehicle for a long time.

You actually end up saving money when you buy a used truck or used SUV instead of buying a new one. You can have a greater time buying a car within a certain budget and you can feel great about your decision when you explore used vehicles for sale instead of new ones.

You Have More Options

You can have more options when you buy a used SUV instead of a new one. You can limit your shopping experience to used cars under 10000 dollars or other purchase limits and still be able to get a great vehicle, something you may not be able to do if you buy a new vehicle instead.

When you shop for a used SUV, what happens is this: you get to choose from a variety of models and styles, years and makes, features and accessories. When you use your budget to guide you as you look for used vehicles for sale in your area, you open yourself up to the greater options that will benefit you most.

When you limit yourself to a new vehicle only, you drastically limit your options, especially if you are not financially set to buy a very expensive car. Since SUV purchases can be costly when you buy new and credit approval can be tough to get, you should know this: simply shopping used will allow you to ease the stress of your journey and will allow you to pick a vehicle that works best for you.

You Have More Control

You have more control than you think you have when you buy a used SUV instead of a new one. You can speak to a used car dealer to help you decide what option is best for you. Your decision to buy a used car will help you save more money and open up your shopping options.

Write down what you expect in a new or used SUV and bring this list to your used car dealer. You can use this list to help you determine what your best course of action is as you move forward with your car shopping decision.