Side View of the 2023 Kia Sportage

Where Can I Buy Used Kia Models Near Me?

Financing Options for a Used Kia Sportage in Indianapolis, IN 

Purchasing a used vehicle has several benefits. Affordability is just one of those many perks. And when you buy certified pre-owned cars, you guarantee yourself a vehicle that offers you a manufacturer-backed warranty and various other advantages. On that note, here’s a blog that can help you find financing options for a used Kia Sportage in Indianapolis, IN. Kia has been riding high in popularity with models like the Sportage since their launch. And if you’re looking for an excellent quality three-row SUV with loads of in-vehicle and safety technologies, continue reading this blog, and visit Auto Sales and Service to get behind its wheel.  

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Speedometer against a black background

Video: Learn to Increase Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage 

How to Improve the Fuel Economy of a Vehicle   

If you are looking for ways to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy, you are at the right place. Some basic maintenance techniques and driving habits can help you burn less fuel. Learn more about it from the video below. For more details, contact Auto Sales & Service dealership, our dealership in Indianapolis, IN.  

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Vegetables on a plate

Where to Get Tasty Vegan Food in Indianapolis?

Top Vegan Restaurants Around Indianapolis  

Finding vegetarian or vegan food options can occasionally be challenging. Thankfully, Indianapolis offers several options for those who follow a plant-based diet. Vegetables and fruits are the major stars of many vegan-friendly restaurants in this thriving city, not just an afterthought. Additionally, many of Indianapolis’ top vegan eateries are gluten-free and provide a variety of animal substitutes, like jackfruit, soy, and tofu, as well as clever and nutritional alternatives. There should be a fantastic cruelty-free dining option close to you, wherever you are in the city. Continue reading this blog by the Auto Sales & Service dealership in Indianapolis, IN, to discover the top vegan restaurants around Indianapolis.  

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A mechanic checking vehicle brakes

How to Maintain Your Car Brake System

Essential Car Brake System Maintenance Tips

The braking system of a car is an essential safety item. Daily and aggressive use of the brake pedals may gradually slow down your vehicle’s wheels. As a proud car owner, safety should always be your utmost priority, and well-maintained brakes should be at the forefront of your mind. Continue reading this blog by the Auto Sales & Service dealership in Indianapolis, IN, to learn how to maintain your car brake system.

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