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How Can Bad Credit Car Loans Help Me Get a Vehicle?

Good news if you have bad credit: you can still buy high quality used vehicles. Bad credit car loans are available that make getting the best used SUV Indianapolis has to offer easy.

If you have been dealing with finding used vehicles because of your credit, there is a solution that can get you in the reliable vehicle that you deserve. Have you heard of buy here pay here dealerships? They are the used car dealerships that offer great bad credit car loans.

Focused On Helping Good People

There are a lot of good people in Indianapolis that need a reliable vehicle but are struggling to find one. A trusted buy here pay here dealership will provide you with the opportunity to choose from high quality used vehicles that you can drive right off the lot.

One of the biggest barriers to buying a used car is finding financing. At the right dealership, they do not judge you by your credit mistakes. Instead, these dealerships look at the big picture and work with you to buy a used vehicle that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

If you can:

  • Provide proof of steady income
  • Have an affordable down payment
  • Show that you can afford a used vehicle

Good people have credit problems. With the right dealership, you can worry a lot less about your credit. Dealerships that specialize in buy here pay here options are willing to help good people get into the vehicle that they need without punishing them for their credit mistakes.

Whether it’s employment, retirement pay, or disability pay, if you have a steady source of income you can qualify for a used vehicle. You do not have to go without reliable transportation. There is a solution.

Get The Vehicle You Need

If you have been struggling to find financing for high-quality used cars, all you need to do is shop at a dealership that is committed to helping you reach your goals. Don’t let hearing “no” dissuade you into thinking that you will never get in that used car, used truck, or used SUV.

There is good news waiting for you at the best buy here pay here dealer Indianapolis has to offer. For more information on how you can qualify for a car loan despite your credit history, contact us today.

Don’t Let Credit Score Worries Keep You From Getting a Vehicle

Buy here pay here car lots can be the ideal solution for anyone that needs to buy a reliable used car. A used car dealership that specializes in buy here pay here options can help anyone get in the car that they need regardless of their credit.

Buy here pay here car lots specialize in helping people with less than perfect credit find the affordable transportation that they deserve. Bad credit should not keep you from getting the vehicle that you need.

How Does it Work?

Not every used car dealership can offer to finance to people with less than perfect credit. When you go to buy a used car, if you go to a lot that does not offer buy here pay here options, and your credit is not great, you likely will leave empty-handed.

Lots that specialize in buy here pay here options do something called in house financing. That means that they do not rely on outside institutions to get you into the car, truck or van that you need. They do not use the same criteria to decide your creditworthiness.

Here is how it works:

  • Pick out the vehicle that you want. Test drive it.
  • Fill out your credit application with the buy here pay here car lot.
  • Leave in your new used vehicle.

A lot of people with less than perfect credit are quickly able to get approved with buy here pay here car loans. Instead of using your credit score to make decisions about your creditworthiness, buy here pay here car lots look at your ability to pay. If you have a steady stream of income, that is more important than what your credit score has to say about you.

You can find the vehicle that you need and get approved for a car loan even with bad credit if you know which used car dealership is more than happy to work with you. Many of your neighbors have found the credit that they need at a buy here used here car lot.

You Deserve Reliable, Safe, Affordable Transportation

Don’t let your credit score keep you from getting the vehicle that you deserve. Shop at the used car dealership that understands a credit score should not decide your ability to own a great vehicle.

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Used Car For You

With the average price of a new vehicle nationwide over $35,000, many have turned towards purchasing used. When looking to purchase a pre owned vehicle, it is important to consider a number of factors including mileage and repair history, to name a few. Taking these aspects into account before purchasing a car could make all the difference in your overall experience. Pre owned vehicles must be rigorously inspected and tested prior to purchasing, as you could avoid unwanted and costly issues in the future.

How To Choose The Right Used Car

A used car dealership will often have a wide range of vehicles to choose from and in many different conditions. Therefore, it is important to closely evaluate every aspect of the vehicle.

Inspect The Vehicle Carefully

Carefully inspecting pre owned vehicles is one of the most critical aspects of the purchasing process. It is important to carefully inspect both the exterior and interior of the car in order to ensure that the proper maintenance and other important aspects of the vehicle have been taken into account. It is important to note any body defects such as any major dents or scratches. Interior issues might include certain smells or stains on the seats or the carpet.

Detailed Vehicle History Report

A vehicle health report will reveal all maintenance records and highlight any major repairs. Furthermore, it may also highlight whether or not regular maintenance was performed on the vehicle throughout its lifetime. Conducting these types of reports will save you headache and expense later on in ownership.

Checked By A Mechanic

It is important that a used vehicle is thoroughly checked by a reputable mechanic before purchasing. This will allow you to ensure the vehicle is in good working order. Many used car dealers will have their pre owned vehicles inspected prior to sale in order to increase the overall customer satisfaction and experience.

Conduct A Test Drive

One of the most critical aspects of purchasing a used car is taking it for a test drive. This will allow you to get a feel for the car and how it operates. Furthermore, you can detect any odd noises or other issues that could be red flags. While on the test drive, ensure that the car meets your expectations. Make sure the vehicle is not leaking any oil, as this could be the case if blue smoke is coming from the exhaust.

Purchasing a vehicle can be overwhelming. However, by considering these critical factors, you could greatly improve your overall experience and satisfaction with your “new” pre owned vehicle. Thoroughly inspecting the car will allow you to save money and give you the peace of mind that your pre owned vehicle is mechanically sound and will get you where you need to be.

3 Reasons You Need to Consider a Car Down Payment

For seven consecutive years, used vehicle sales have been rising. More people are opting to shop for vehicles at buy here pay here used car lots. If you’re looking to buy a used car, consider making a substantial car down payment. A down payment often makes it easier to pay off your vehicle in the long run. Below, we will dive into three of the ways making a down payment can relieve financial stress for used car buyers.

1. Lower interest

2. Easier auto loan approval

For buyers who have bad credit, a down payment can improve your chance of qualifying for an auto loan. Lenders want to have a sense of assurance that they’ll get their loan repaid. Those with high credit scores have a history of paying off their debt on time, which is why they tend to be more easily approved for loans. If you have a low credit score, paying a down payment helps give the lender some assurance that you’ll repay the loan they give you.

3. Qualifying for special programs

When you pay a down payment, a dealer may offer you a special financing program that can give you low rates or other incentives. Keep in mind that some of these programs might require you to pay a larger down payment. Dealers at buy here pay here used car lots are required to disclose the terms when they advertise special incentives. Be sure to carefully read the details and ask questions before you sign up for the special program.

If you plan to look for cars at buy here pay here used car lots, it’s important to consider the idea of paying a down payment. These were a few of the benefits that you may potentially get if you choose to do it. Be sure to conduct as much research as possible before you decide to make a car down payment.

How Can I Get a Car With Bad Credit?

If your credit is less than perfect, you may be struggling to buy a used car. While it’s possible to find used cars Indianapolis Indiana drivers need at a good price, buy here pay here options that put you in a great car regardless of your credit score.

Buy here pay here car lots are the solution when you have credit challenges. Bad credit should not mean you do not have access to the car that you need. You just have been shopping at the wrong dealership.

Why Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Are the Best Solution

Many car dealerships only work with traditional lenders. That means if your credit score is not at a certain number, then they will not help you. Buy here pay here car lots work with a wide range of lenders that do not use just a credit score to determine your creditworthiness.

A lot of good people that deserve a second chance are denied — simply because they are trying to buy a used vehicle from a dealership that considers a number on a sheet of paper more important than the person. Buy here pay here car loans do not consider your credit score to be the most important part of whether you deserve a reliable vehicle. They look at the whole picture and consider:

  • Your income
  • Your ability to pay for a used vehicle
  • Your job security

If you have enough income to cover a car payment, and that income is steady, then you are likely eligible to get a car loan at a buy here pay here dealership. You can buy a used car that will be affordable, reliable, and stylish.

Shop Today

Of course, not every buy here pay here dealer offers the high quality used vehicles that you want. The right dealership that specializes in bad credit car loans will offer a wide range of options to meet any need.

As a buy here pay here car dealer in Indianapolis that has a huge inventory of used vehicles, we can meet a wide range of needs. Your credit won’t be an issue. If you are ready to get in the vehicle that you will love and can afford, shop now. You can drive off the lot with your new used vehicle today.

5 Tips to Help You Get Car Financing When You Have Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit history, you may worry about getting an auto loan to finance the purchase of your new vehicle. You are not alone. Over 68 million American Adults, nearly a third of the population, have a bad credit score. Buying a car with bad credit is possible. Sometimes you may have to spend a bit more to borrow for your new asset. However, with proper research and planning, you can get a bad credit auto loan option that works for you. Here are five tips to have your auto loan approval for bad credit.

1. Find Out Your Credit Score (Improve it if you Can)

The first step to getting your auto loan approval with bad credit is to check your credit scores. There are many free credit score checkers available online. It is crucial to find out this figure as most lenders tend to have minimum credit score requirements. You may try to improve your credit score by going through your credit history and identifying errors in the report. You may dispute the errors and enjoy a higher rating.

You can also start paying your bills and credit card payments on time for a few months. You can put your quest for a new car on hold for a few months.

2. Save for a Larger Down payment

You may try to convince auto lenders to approve your bad credit car loan by offering a larger cash deposit. Industry experts estimate a 20% down payment is standard for new car loans. With bad credit history, you may need to raise a higher amount. The larger, the better. It may help lower your loan-to-value ratio, helping you save on total interest costs.

3. Create a Budget and Stick To It

You may need to figure out how much you can afford each month to pay up for your car. Reflect on your monthly spending for the previous six months. Note down your recurrent expenditures. Determine how much you may save for your down payment. When you minus the savings and expenses, you may get a rough figure of what you can afford to spend on the auto loan. This way, you lower the chances of having a repayment that will strain your finances.

4. If Possible, Get Yourself a Co-Signer

A co-signer is an individual with a good credit rating that the lender will enlist to your loan. They are responsible for ensuring you pay for your car loan. The co-signer may get penalized if you default on the payments. The co-signing may significantly improve your chances for an auto loan approval for bad credit. Besides, you may also enjoy lower interest rates.

5. Flexible Low-cost car Options

The average price of a new car in the US is $35,309. Used cars present a cheaper option to fill in your vehicle needs as you sort out your bad credit. Recent research shows that the most frequently searched vehicle price range is $5,000 or less. The less the amount you need to borrow, the less you will pay in interest.

Bonus Tip: Look into Dealer Financing

Most used car dealerships have a variety of payment options with flexible repayment plans. Buy here pay here car loans are popular among buyers with a low credit score. The auto dealer is still the financier in this model. You get guaranteed financing and auto loan approval for bad credit.

Do you wish to discuss your loan options with a trusted used car dealership in Indianapolis? Head over to Auto Sales and Service today.

Why Buy Used Cars?

When you’re in the market for a vehicle, used cars are an option to consider. In fact, of all the cars sold in the United States, 75% of them are previously owned. Why do so many people buy from a used car dealer when they can buy a new car?

There are many reasons to consider a used vehicle over a new one. Once you realize the value in buying a used truck, used SUV, or other used cars, you will think twice before buying a new one in the future.

Used Cars Are More Affordable

Perhaps the main reason to buy used cars is this: they have a lot of value to you as a budget-minded person. Many used cars under 10000 are available to you so you can get a car that is worth it to you and have many varieties and makes and models to choose from.

Used Cars Are More Available

Have a specific type of car in mind to buy but you aren’t sure you can afford it? Have a make and model in mind but the newest line isn’t out on the market yet? Used cars are readily available at most auto dealerships and can give you great value for your money. You can find a used car dealer in your area who can help you located low cost cars if they don’t have any already in their lot.

Used Cars Are Worth More

As soon as you drive a car off the car lot, it’s losing value. When you invest in a pre owned car that is only a few years old, it actually has the best value of any vehicle, new or used. Used cars in general are a better value because they depreciate at a lower rate and most of the depreciated value has been taken out of the vehicle. If you want the most for your investment, get a used car you can rely on.

Whether you need a new car because your older car is broken down, you have to get a second vehicle for work or school, or you just have some extra money and want to see what’s on the market, buying used cars can be best for you. Explore your used car options at your local car dealership to see what’s best for you.

What is Buy Here Pay Here Financing and How Can it Help You Buy a Car?

The process of buying a car can seem daunting, especially to those with bad credit. In the United States, the average price of a new car is $35,309. However, if that seems like something that’s outside of your budget, you can buy affordable low cost cars for under $10,000 at select dealerships. But, you ask, how will I afford to buy even a used car when I don’t qualify for an auto loan? Even if you have bad credit, if you find a dealership that offers Buy Here Pay Here Financing, chances are you will have many low cost cars to choose from within your budget.

What is Buy Here Pay Here Financing?

Buy Here Pay Here Financing means that you buy and pay for your vehicle at the same place: the dealership. If a dealership offers Buy Here Pay Here Financing, it means that the dealer themselves can offer you a credit loan to purchase one of their cars. So you buy the car in the same place that you pay off the loan (hence the name). This can make the seemingly-complicated process simple and straightforward by cutting out the third party of an outside lender, and making payments to the dealership directly.

How Can it Help Those With Bad Credit Get An Auto Loan?

Dealerships who offer this type of load often approve those who have poor or bad credit history, so even if you’re concerned about your credit score, there is a good chance you will qualify for Buy Here Pay Here Financing. Often times dealerships offering this option also require no or very little money down to make the buying process easier.

If you are in the market for a used vehicle, and don’t know how you’re going to afford an auto loan, Buy Here Pay Here Financing can help you in your search. Look up your local dealership selling low cost cars and see if they offer Buy Here Pay Here Financing. It could be just the thing to put you behind the seat of your new used car.

5 Advantages of Buying a Used Car From a Dealer

With the high cost of living being experienced today, one inevitably looks for areas where they can save money. One of these areas is car ownership, and its part of why more and more people are opting for used cars.

It is therefore not surprising that the number of dealerships for used cars has significantly increased. However, you still need to conduct thorough research on the used car dealership you want to buy from. Finding reputable used car dealers with a remarkable trading history can undoubtedly make your vehicle ownership journey much smoother. Below are the benefits of buying used cars for sale from an experienced dealer.

1. Financing options

When you buy from a used car dealership, there will be different financing options made available to you. Car dealerships can provide low down payment cars with a considerable range of financing plans. As a buy here pays here dealership, this type of financial flexibility benefits buyers who cannot afford to pay for the car all at once.

When you buy a used car from a dealership, you may drive away with your car on credit; without necessarily having a specific amount of cash on hand. On the other hand, you are responsible for getting your financing when buying from an individual seller.

2. Reputation

Most used car dealers believe in providing satisfactory customer service. You can check the used car dealers’ credentials and consult previous clients. You may be able to ask for further help from the car dealer if you discover a problem after you buy the car. A private seller will not offer the same incentive and will likely take off once the vehicle is sold. You can buy a used car from a reputable source by going through online reviews, particularly about used car dealerships. You will not have to worry about purchasing a defective vehicle.

3. Warranty Options

Another main advantage of buying used cars from a dealer is you are likely to receive extra options that an individual party seller cannot offer. For instance, you may get an extended car warranty after the manufacturers’ warranty expires.

Some used car dealers may offer subsidized after-sale services in the immediate period following purchase. It will, therefore, not cost you as much to service the car as if you had bought it from a private seller that has no warranty on it.

4. High-Quality Cars

When buying a used vehicle from a car dealership, you are likely to gain more information regarding the maintenance and history of the car. The used car dealers provide the car upfront for test drives, which ensures that you only buy a used car in good working order.

You will get more assurance about the performance and mileage when you buy a vehicle from a reputable car dealership. Used car dealers have technicians who rigorously test and maintain used cars through extended inspections.

5. Expertise

Used car dealers are a convenient option for many people. Dealers have access to better technical and mechanical expertise than private party sellers. Mostly, the used vehicle will pass through a thorough technical inspection and will have faults corrected. A car dealer that has been in the industry for years can give you ideas that may help you make your final purchasing decision easier.

Buying a used car from a recognized dealer may be safer than purchasing from a private owner. Remember that used car dealers are in a position to show you a variety of vehicles that fit your needs and budget. You, therefore, do feel like you simply settled for what was available.

5 Advantages of Buying a Used Car from an Established Dealer

Cars are no longer a luxury but a necessity in the U.S. Do you know that buying a used car could in a way be better than buying a new one? Apart from the proven performance of these vehicles, used car dealers offer flexible payment terms. Below are the top benefits of buying from used car dealers.

Alternative Financing

One of the most notable benefits of buying a car from a used car dealer is their alternative financing option. Dealerships offer reliable financing options that can easily turn your car ownership dream into reality.

The 40 million used cars sold in the U.S in 2018 are due to wide financing options available. The best part about it is that owning a car is not determined by your past credit record. Most dealers have financing options from within that come in the form of an auto loan. With Bad credit auto loans, owning a used vehicle becomes relatively easy.


Determining the reputation of a private owner is a daunting task, unlike established dealers who have an online presence. You can also use their physical location as a security while buying cars from them.

Used car dealers are also known for their good reputation. These dealers have formed a working rapport with the local community. Dealers, therefore, do all they can to keep the relationship with the immediate society intact. Reputation is what keeps these dealerships afloat.

Unlike most private brokers, dealers have all the documents of the used vehicles being sold. These documents show the year of manufacture, registration, and condition of the vehicle, among other essential things. All that private sellers are interested in is making a few bucks from you and not how you feel about the vehicle.

With all the documents available, you are left to make your decision at your own pace. Such a high level of integrity and transparency is what matters most when buying used vehicles.

Wide Variety of Options

Used car dealerships are typically a one-stop-shop. Here, you don’t have to jump from one state to another in search of a reliable used car for sale. Each dealership has a wide range of options, giving you the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Before visiting the physical location, check the internet, and search for used vehicles for sale in Indianapolis. This approach will help you familiarize yourself with the available options. Once you have identified one that works for you, advance to the next step and inspect them physically.

At the same time, dealers offer more than just used cars. Car yards are run by individuals with a deep understanding of cars, so they can give you tips for maintaining your car.

Room for Negotiation

Unlike new vehicles, used cars have a negotiable price tag. The price you buy a used car is dependent on your negotiation skills. The negotiation not only applies to low-cost cars but also used SUVs.

The first point of engagement should be mentioning your budget range. With such information, used car dealers will help select something that works for you. Negotiation is typically the name of the game and will be determined by how best you can express yourself.

Excellent Customer Service

Dealers have more to offer than used vehicles only. First, the quality of customer service comes second to none. Dealers treat their customers with all the respect they deserve with the aim of keeping them as a lifetime partner.

Some private sellers do not give room for good customer relations. If you don’t subscribe to their way of doing things, their interests shift to other gullible parties. Dealers treat their customers equally, and there are enough employees who respond to every customer’s query. Additionally, they allow you to walk around and see all the available options.

Final Word

Dealerships have, in the recent past, packaged themselves as the ideal places to buy used cars. Unlike private sellers, dealers have alternative financing options with auto loans being a great alternative. For more information on used car dealers, contact us today.