Technician checking brakes

3 Signs That Your Car Needs New Brakes

How to Tell Your Car Needs Brake Replacement 

No fixed frequency exists at which you must get your car’s brake pads replaced. It should come as no surprise that the rotors don’t function as smoothly as they used to after a few years. ‘Forever’ is not a term when it concerns a car’s components. Regular inspections are recommended so that worn-out brakes are identified and replaced on time. In general, most cars run their best with functional brakes up to 65,000 miles. However, you must make sure to keep an ear out to sense a damaged brake that requires immediate repairs or replacement. If you are still figuring out the right time to head out to our Auto Sales & Service store in Indianapolis, IN, for a used car or an overdue service, you may want to check out the following tips on how to tell your car needs brake replacement. 

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Family of four on a road trip

Long Road Trip Ahead? Make Sure You Tick the Boxes of this Checklist

What Do You Need to Carry with You on a Long Road Trip? 

Most of us love traveling and nothing spells adventure like long road trips. Tearing through the long, unwinding road ahead of you sounds like a great way to make memories given that you have all the necessary items with you to ease your journey. Join Auto Sales and Service in Indianapolis, IN, to learn about all that you need to carry with you on a long road trip and make a day out of fun galore. 

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Wheel alignment at service center

What is the Importance of Wheel Alignment?

What is Wheel Alignment and its Importance?  

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly. People often talk about wheel alignment as when your wheels are not aligned properly; you can encounter many problems. Overlooking it can lead to costly consequences. Join Auto Sales & Service in Indianapolis, IN, as we talk more about the importance of wheel alignment. Keep reading to know more!  

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Couple shopping for a car

Why Should Your First Car Be a Pre-Owned Car?

Buying Your First Car? Here’s why you should consider a used car   

Buying your first car is always an exciting event. However, have you considered that buying a new car as your first car can be expensive, especially with new car prices hitting record highs? What should you do in such a case? Well, if you’re open to it, you can look for a quality pre-owned car, and if it’s your first car, you’ll have plenty more reasons to go for it. Keep reading this blog from Auto Sales & Service in Indianapolis, IN, to discover why your first car should be a used car.   

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