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Why You Should Learn to Drive a Manual Car

By admin | Posted in Uncategorized on Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 at 5:08 pm

Did you know that manual transmission vehicles are outnumbered by automatic transmission vehicles 10 to 1? That could be why only 18% of United States drivers even know how to operate a manual car. However, there are several reasons you should learn how to drive one.

Manual cars cost less.

Whether you’re looking to buy new or used vehicles, manual cars have a lower purchase price. That’s because so few people drive them nowadays. The longevity of manual transmission is better than an automatic transmission, too. The maintenance on a manual will also cost you less. While an automatic transmission requires a costly automatic transmission fluid, a manual transmission uses less expensive gear oil.

Manual cars are more reliable.

Particularly in used cars, automatic transmission cars can be less reliable than manual ones. The automatic transmission fluid may last 100,000 miles, which could be the lifetime of the car or for as long as the first owner has the car. Manual cars also don’t rely on sensors to shift as automatic cars do, so they can last longer.

Manual cars get better gas mileage.

If you drive used vehicles, you’re more likely to get better gas mileage if you drive a manual car that was made before the year 2000. Most automatic cars up until then were four-speed transmissions, which made the gas mileage worse.

Manual cars are less likely to be stolen.

Because so few people know how to drive a manual car, they are less likely to be stolen. You have probably heard more than one news story about a theft or carjacking attempt that went bad because the thief didn’t know how to drive the manual car he had targeted.

Knowing how to drive a manual car can get you a job.

If you know how to drive a manual, you will be eligible for more jobs. UPS only hires people who can drive a manual car, and many trucks, construction equipment, and farm equipment have manual transmissions.

A manual car will start even if you have a dead battery.

You may be surprised to learn that a manual car can be started with a dead battery. If you turn the ignition on, put the car in second gear, and get the car to roll forward, you can let out the clutch fast enough to start the car.

Even though manual transmission cars seem like a dying breed, many used car dealers have used vehicles for sale that have a manual transmission. Learning to drive a manual can save you some money, make you invaluable to someone else, and be a rewarding experience.

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