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Three Things to Look for when Purchasing a Used Car

By admin | Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 12:13 pm


Here’s the thing, most used cars have had an average of three owners. Used cars make up 75% of car sales in the United States. Buy Here Pay Here Car lots specializes in used car sales.

When you purchase a new car, it costs (on average) $35,000. That value of a new car drops over $1,000 just for driving it home that day. Used cars retain their value much better, and at Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots, you can find top quality used cars that will fit your budget at any credit score.

However when you are looking at buying or financing a pre owned vehicle, there are some important things to look out for. Here are a few of the most important things that anyone can inspect.


Visually Inspect the Exterior and Interior of the Car

While many people will take time to visually inspect the exterior for scratches, dents and other aesthetic deformities, not as many take the time to inspect inside. The interior inspection is just as important. Take note of any odors you notice while in the car, if the carpeting is in good condition, and how the vinyl is holding up. These are all factors that should go into a quality car inspection. Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots does a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of used cars to ensure that all used auto sales look as good as possible.


Review the Vehicle History Report

Any used car dealership is required to show you a used vehicle report of any pre owned car you are looking to purchase. A vehicle history report will give you information about previous owners, any accidents the car has been in, and any other problems with the title. There are plenty of used cars at great prices (typically under $5,000) that have only been in minor fender benders. While shopping at Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots, be sure to ask our auto salespeople for the vehicle history report of any used car you would like to test drive.


Perform a Leak Test

One of the worst things that happens when purchasing a used car is driving it home only to find a leak in the engine coolant or an oil leak. Ask the used car dealer to perform a leak test while you are inspecting used vehicles (or perform one yourself). Performing a leak test is relatively simple. Take the vehicle for a drive for about 10-15 minutes and park it in a clear, dry area. Once parked, leave the vehicle running for 30-60 seconds, then cut the engine.

Get out of the car and look underneath for any dripping fluids. Dark spots may indicate an oil leak. Green fluid can indicate a leak in anti-freeze. Pink fluid is likely a transmission leak. Regardless of the color of leak, all leaks are indicative that the car is in need of repair, avoid any used vehicle that has a fluid leak.


Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots are proud to supply Indianapolis with fantastic used cars and help you get approved for financing regardless of your credit situation. Whether you are looking for a used SUV, used trucks, or any other used vehicle, stop on by and let us get you test driving some cars. Then you will be one step closer to owning a great automobile.

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