New Vs. Used: 3 Reasons Why Pre Owned Vehicles Win Out

Although many drivers can’t resist the allure of a sparkly new car, the data doesn’t lie: there were roughly 40 million sales of used vehicles in the United States during 2018. But why exactly are used auto sales so popular? In many ways, they make car ownership more accessible to the masses. And these days, you won’t take the risk of ending up with a lemon when you visit a used car dealer. In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at three key reasons why pre owned vehicles often win out over new car sales.

  1. They’re More Affordable: To put it plainly, you’re more likely to get a great deal when you buy a pre owned car than you are when you buy a brand new model off the lot. Not only will the sticker price be less, but you’ll also end up paying less for insurance. Plus, you won’t have to bear the financial burden of depreciation. The original owner of the car will take that hit, which means your used car will retain more value comparable to how much you pay for it. Ultimately, this makes owning a car a reality for countless Americans who can’t afford the high costs associated with many new vehicles.
  2. They’re More Versatile: When you buy a pre owned car, you’ll open up a whole world of vehicles that you’ll suddenly be able to afford. These cars are in excellent shape, but they’ll also be within your price range. When you buy a new vehicle, you may find you’re limited in the makes and models of vehicles you can feasibly purchase. But when you consider used vehicles, you’ll probably discover that you’ll have access to both a higher quality and quantity of vehicles. You might be able to find a car in a unique paint color or have those high-tech features you’d otherwise have to leave off the list. You’ll benefit from a greater amount of versatility in your vehicle selection when you look for a used car.
  3. They’re More Flexible: This isn’t to say the cars themselves are more flexible — though their financing may be. When you buy a pre owned car that’s truly affordable, you may be able to opt out of needing a loan altogether. In other cases, you might not have to pay as much money down or can negotiate a shorter loan term than you might otherwise be offered. And with buy here pay here options, you’ll be able to secure your vehicle on the spot. In the end, that means that you’ll be able to get on the road more quickly and start enjoying all your vehicle has to offer right away. What’s more, many used car loan terms will make it so you’ll be less likely to owe more on the car than its total worth — a fact that can be devastating when the owner of a new vehicle deals with an accident or a theft. Between the lower cost and the flexible financing, you’ll be able to work out a deal that actually works for you.

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