3 Tips For Improving the Used Car Buying Process

Car buying can be a lot of fun — if you know what you’re doing. If you’re new to the car buying world, it can be a stressful, tricky process. That’s especially true when it comes to finding and buying used cars. There is a strange stigma within the auto industry that used cars are a risky bet, which is actually far from true. Though pre-owned vehicles might not have all the updated bells and whistles as newer models, these cars are certainly reliable and can still be of the highest quality. In fact, the average age of vehicles that are currently on U.S. roads is 11.6 years.

When it comes to buying used cars, you shouldn’t simply buy the first vehicle within your budget that you notice at a reputable used car dealership. You need to do a little more.

Here are some helpful tips that should improve your chances of finding and acquiring a terrific used vehicle:

  • Build a relationship with the dealer — The majority of car dealers are there for one reason: to get you to buy a car. That isn’t going to change whether you’re friendly with the individual dealer or not, but it can help your chances at finding a better deal. If you are honest and respectful to the car dealer you’re working with, they likely will try and help you out. When visiting used car dealerships, start by having a real conversation with the dealers.
  • Construct a targeted list of vehicles — Before your search for a new vehicle, go over exactly what kind of car you want and what other vehicles you’d be okay with purchasing. Make a list with all your favorite vehicles at the top and hopefully you’ll be able to find a few during your search. This list should include potential auto makers, particular models, year numbers, and important features.
  • Stick to a realistic and strict auto budget — Just because you’re shopping for a used vehicle doesn’t mean you won’t end up spending a fortune if you aren’t careful. You have to make sure you are sticking to a budget throughout your search. A good rule of thumb is to not have a car payment that is more than 20% of your actual take-home pay. With this rule, you can easily reverse engineer the ideal budget for your car search.

If you want to learn more about the used vehicle buying process, used auto sales, or find some high quality used cars for sale, visit a credible used car dealership near you. And if you’re looking for a used car dealership in or around Indianapolis, give Auto Sales and Service a call right away!

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